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Social Mitigation

Our company has allocated budget in IEE for the Social responsibility. It has signed the MOU with the following institutions for the intuitional support of these local institutions.

  • Bhale Pokhari Primary School, Chuchure-1, Ramechhap
  • Pathivara Bhumeshwor Primary School, Shyama-1, Dolakha
  • Jatteswari Higher Secondary School, Chuchure-2, Ramechhap
  • Chuchure Health Post, Garjyang, Chuchure-2, Ramechhap
  • Garjyang Savings & Credit Co-operative Ltd. Chuchure-1, Ramechhap
  • Gumba located in Garjyang Village , Chuchure VDC – 1, Ramechap
  • Sharada Higher secondary school ,Those Ramechhap
  • Gupteshwori Primary School Those – 7, Ramechap
  • Shiva Lower Secondary School, Chuchure -7, Shivalaya, Ramechhap
  • Seti Devi Higher Secondary School, Chuchure – 8, Ramechhap
  • Mahadeveshwori Primary School, Chuchure – 5, Ramechhap
  • Kali Devi Primary School Chuchure – 4, Ramechhap
  • Sharada Higher Secondary School , Those – 5, Ramechhap
  • Urgen Shedrub Dargyeling Monstery, Shyama – 1, Dolakha
  • प्राकृतिक बाताबरण सरक्षण तथा सदुपयोग समाज ,चुचुरे रामेछाप 

 Published Article on Earthquake Releif Effort made by Himalaya Urja Bikas Company Limited





  • Before and After the Causeway Construction in Kharanetar

    Before and After the Causeway Construction in Kharanetar

    After successful completion of Financial Closure for two Projects: Upallo Khimti Hydropower Project - 12 MW and Upper Khimti-II Hydropower Project - 7MW, our Company is now actively involved in Road construction Programme that will connect the Power house at Jifasa and other important places of Project to the headquarter of Ramechhap district-(Manthali). This road will be constructed from Shivalaya village to 200m below the confluence of Khimti and Ghwang Khola. Connecting many Villages together, this Programme is considered to be a milestone in uplifting the economic condition of farmers in that locality.

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