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Camp House


Jifasa Camp :  Camp No 1 (Project Management Office)

This is the central camp. We have about 24 Ropani of Land for our Jifasa Camp. This camp has been designed to be in operation even after Commercial Operation Date as our main camp for 35 years. 24 hours back up support has been provided through 30 kVA Generator.

Director Block and Guest House – It is complete and occupied with air condition facility, attached bathroom, hot / cold showers.

Officers’ Block (10 rooms and kitchen) – It is complete and occupied already by our Staff.

Office Block – It is ready and in use. (Director Room, Technical Room, Meeting Room, Administration Room, Account Room are in this block.)

Juniors’ Block – All ten rooms are occupied. Kitchen is used as temporary store.

Protection Work of all blocks against lighting is at final stage.

Argeli Ghari Camp : Camp No 2

This Camp is near to 12 MW Headworks and is at final stage. All works are completed except sanitation, which is going on. It will be occupied in 15 days. This camp has been constructed on our own purchased land with 6 ropanis of land. This camp has also been designed to be operational even after COD for the Headworks staff for 35 years.  

Garjyang Camp: Camp No  3

We have lease agreement with Bhalepokhari School that will be used for 30 years. It is being used as a store.

Kharanetar Camp: Camp No: 4

We have rented one private house. The Petrol and diesel storage will be availed here. We have store facility with office and residence facility for a duration of Project Construction Phase merely. One 18,000 liter underground Diesel storage facility is availed in the camp. 


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